Unknown Ends

by Dream Curtain

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Early 2013 I began writing small pieces of music with plans to create a full length album. This would allow me to work in a bigger setting and explore in depth the pieces and songs connections to each other.

'Unknown Ends' took a year to finish and I spent all my free time with it. The more I worked with it, the more I obsessed with contradictions, disambiguation, loose ends and repetition.

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released March 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Dream Curtain Stockholm, Sweden

Dream Curtain is the solo project of William Hamparsomian, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Track Name: Aerodream
i went too far
i took a break
i took a deep breath

what else can i turn off now
with all these lonely senses
destroying everything
i'm ready for a new tide
emptiness within
let the mind escape the heart
Track Name: Unknown Ends
wondering what else that could have been
i think i need to get out of this plain
and follow whatever feels real
if i hold on to whatever makes me well
then why am i here, i'm already there
this will forever end
words of unknown ends
reset me free
there is no such thing as love here
i should know, i think i know, i need a way
Track Name: I Don't Know
i surrender my mistakes
i've forever let you wait
i will meet you once again
will we ever be the same
i don't know
could we ever laugh again
Track Name: It Takes Over
i'll stay all within
anything to evade us
all disharmony
echoes off as the end comes

it takes over me
i've got no one to blame for
adrift in a dream
i am lost when the rain comes
Track Name: This Landscape Is Our Escape
in our dreams when we are falling
it will never give in again
darkness becomes a soothing touch
before we disappear

memories of happiness
where we are allowed to become one again
memories of happiness
that lead us to an escape

this landscape is our escape

that's what i needed
and now i've become calm
count endless stars
and gaze at the warm sun

steering our minds off
Track Name: Avdrift
i'm always gone, what have i become
riding the wave of an unknown path
it's moving on
are we slowly growing up and getting lost on the way

memories gone cold
we have to figure out new ones
memories gone cold
how do we move on from lost times
Track Name: Glowing
in the mirrors we are lost
with our matters next to none
we are lost and out of touch
in the hollow are we

in the mirrors we are lost
and the feelings within our hearts
in the corners of our minds
i will follow what's real

i'm following the glowing
with matters next to none
Track Name: Movement
Track Name: Death
all we have is gone
but death when boredom's come
there's nothing left to grow
i'll miss nothing on my own
all we have is gone
i see you and all i see is regret
i feel death
it's happening
all we have is gone
why are we happening
why are we suffering
Track Name: Fields
all i want is here
it is real